KANTO – The Developers Choice

With KANTO, LEICHT has created a new
concentrated Collection, providing the
best possible requisites for designing
and planning modern, unique kitchens.
Kitchens in which everyone will be able
to put their very own concept of living
and being into best effect and yet with
an exceptional price / performance relation.
KANTO kitchens are produced with
the renowned high quality, durability and
longevity for which LEICHT has stood
for more than 80 years. KANTO offers a
multitude of planning ideas, material and
type assortments that fulfill all demands
on modern kitchen and room-design. An
innovative programme with the interesting
and attractive use of side panels that provides
a visible plus in value and design
quality, without extra cost.

Living and dwelling in its most attractive
form. Glass cupboards and sideboards
offer much more than purely
storage space. As transparent lightelements,
they connect kitchen and
living room. Glass door wall units are
available, matching all KANTO-Programmes.