M-Space Drawer Inserts

Modern, extra wide pull-outs to suit dark wood veneer luxury internals.


The modular organisation concept M-SPACE for drawers and
pull outs meets a high design standard. Outstanding details
such as minimal material thickness’s, metal elements and
coverings of black mottled wool felt are the expression of
high quality and are in harmony with the form language of
modern kitchens.

Boxes and dividers consist primarily of oak veneer in a black
finish. The surfaces are processed with PUR-lacquer and
therefore easy to maintain.
The particularly robust wood type bamboo is put to good use
for knife holder and cutting board.
Cutlery trays are available for drawer widths of 30 up to
60 cm. Any modular arrangement from 50 cm drawer width
can be created with function inserts for keeping spices, knives
and foil rolls. To fill in free spaces not fully utilised in large
capacity pull outs, wool felt covering mats can be provided.
Cutlery trays can also be optionally supplied with wool felt
inlays. For this purpose the dividers can be removed.
A flexible organisation in pull-outs from 50 cm width makes the
M-SPACE pull out division possible. The unit ordered contains
the dividers which are assembled in grid spacing, corresponding
to the size of the pull out. Attractive metal slit caps cover
the upper, open cross slits. Grid locators additionally support
the free ends of the dividers.

Pull out divisions for pull outs from 100 cm width have an additional
box in the centre.

As an additional fitments item, a lid holder with pockets of wool felt is available.
All pull out dividers have, as front and rear boundary, a support
with sliding edge for receiving cutlery and function inserts in
the second level.
The modular character of M-SPACE makes possible an optimal
use of storage space in drawers and particularly in pull outs
from a front height of 40 cm. All cutlery and function inserts
can now be planned above the pull out division on the second
The second level may only be exclusively planned when used
with a pull out division. The unit ordered contains the rear and
front covering matt with sliding edge onto which the 7 cm
high inserts as