Product Information & Technical

L E I C H T  – T E C H N C A L – I N F O:


All LEICHT fitted kitchens carry the nationally recognized sign of quality “RAL Deutsche Mobil e.V.”

(registered association), which guarantees that the quality standard of this furniture is constantly monitored by the Independent Test Inspection LGA (Certification Company based in Nuremberg, Germany). In addition, the technical safety requirements for the “GS Logo” are met. Equally, the specifications of the safety standard for kitchen furniture, EN 14749 and/or DIN 68930 and the requirements of DIN 18022 and EN 1116 are met and exceeded.


The tests in our own laboratories guarantee the use of impeccable, high quality materials, and all materials are environment friendly and absolutely harmless with regard to emissions of formaldehyde. They satisfy the requirements of emission class E 1 (max. 0.1 ppm – parts per million)




P R O D U K T – I N F O R M A T I O N Carcass:


1.1) Standard Carcass:

Melamine covered chipboard (MFB) according to DIN EN 14322 with support chipboard

panel according to DIN EN 312, panel type P2.

The surface is largely heat resistant, anti-static and impervious to all household liquids


Interior finish: 273 K platinum, impervious and easy to maintain, due to the finely structured surface.


Exterior finish: 273 K platinum, with a finely textured surface.

Visible surfaces can be colour-matched on request


With wood veneered fronts, the visible carcass sides can be supplied with a smooth veneer on requested at extra charge. It is also possible, with certain ranges, to provide the visible sides of the carcass with a matt lacquered or high gloss colour surface and composite metal at extra charge.

Side panel thickness 16 mm, base thickness 18 mm.


1.2) Handle-less carcass

see pt.1.1)

With alu-coloured or colour lacquered brushed handle. Carcass sides with recess for handle.


1.3) Carcass in general:

All cupboard sides above 40 cm height are supplied with lateral rows of holes, spaced at 64 mm.

Shelves and built-in components are covered for protection against moisture.

All carcass edges on which panels are secured, as well as the front edges of the shelves and built-in

components, are edged with 1,3 mm thick ABS.

Carcass connection: beech dowels.


Several carcass heights and depths are available:

Height measurements (without plinth):

Floor units: 6 heights: 27, 40, 53, 66, 80 cm and 93 cm

Wall units: 6 heights: 93, 80, 66, 53, 40 and 27 cm

Midway units: 3 heights: 120, 134 and 147 cm

Tall units: 4 heights: 146, 190, 204 and 217 cm


Depth measurements (without base):

Floor units: 4 heights: 34, 46, 56 and 66 cm

Wall units: 2 heights: 34 and 56 cm.

Top unit: 1 height: 34 cm.

Midway units: 3 heights: 34 cm, 46 cm and 56 cm




P R O D U K T – I N F O R M A T I O N – Plinths:

Height-adjustable plastic plinth feet. Range of adjustment +20 mm / -10 mm, optional plinth height 10,16 or 20 cm as standard version. Other heights can be supplied with 1 cm spacing.

Large surface, handy adjustment screws.


All cupboards are supplied and fitted with four or five plastic gliders. Removable continuous plinth cover with floor sealing profile.

Different plastic, wood veneer composite metal and stainless steel coloured louvre optic versions,

matching the respective fronts, are available, see price and type list.


Back panels:

3.1) Standard carcass:

MDF panel, 3.0 mm thick in 273 platinum.

The back panels are set forward for better air circulation.


3.2) Rear panels in general:

Rear panels of carousel corner units and end shelf units, 16 mm thick.


4) Shelves:

Standard carcass: Multi-layer chipboard, covered on both sides with melamine resin in accordance with EN 14322.


All edges finished, front edges covered with 1,3 mm thick wood veneer.

Up to a width of 60 cm: thickness 16 mm, from 80 cm: 18 mm thick.

All metal shelf supports. All shelves are prevented from being pulled out completely.


Drawers and pull-outs:


5.1) Standard Carcass:

Steel framed drawer and pull out system (double-walled) with silver cooled plastic covered surface.

Floor thickness 16 mm.

Pull-out with 8 mm thick glass sides and high back, without railing.

Inner drawers and inner pull-outs with metal front.


5.2) Drawers and pull-outs in general:

Fully extendable rails with self-closing and synchronized roller carriage system.

Drawer- and pull out-fronts can be removed and are easily adjustable both horizontally and vertically

(for pull-outs three-dimensionally adjustable).

As standard with pneumatic retraction damper.

Loading capacity 40 kg for all drawers and pull-outs up to 60 cm cupboard width.

Loading capacity 70 kg for all pull-outs from 70 cm cupboard width and curved cupboards.

The life span with minimum 60.000 loading cycles (opening and closing) meets all requirements

of the DGM quality control association.

Large selection of interior fitments in plastic, metal and solid beech.


6) Solid and genuine wood veneer fronts, natural, stained and colour lacquered.

Selected fine woods worked in finest craftsmanship. High quality three-layer flat pressed particle board is used for veneered surfaces, V 20 E 1 in accordance with DIN 68 761.

All surfaces are sealed all round at least twice with PUR- or two-component acrylic resin lacquer. They are therefore easily maintained and are protected to a high degree against wear and tear in the kitchen. Several colours and stains can be chosen from the price and type list.

Total thickness from 19 – 21 mm.


P R O D U K T – I N F O  Laminate fronts


7) High density, three layer particle board, both sides melamine resin coated, in accordance with EN 14322.

Post formed and high gloss fronts, laminated on both sides with moulded laminate plates in accordance

with EN 438.

Textured laminate surfaces, impervious to all common household liquids.

Rounded thick plastic edges all round, matching front colour.

Total thickness from 18 – 23 mm.

Various surfaces and colour shades are available.


8) Laminate foil wrapped fronts

Foil wrapped framed fronts with high density MDF base panels. Reverse side melamine resin coated,

with matching décor or plain coloured lacquer.


9) Colour lacquered fronts with satin-finished surface.

Base material: MDF-board covered with Polyester primer. All surfaces are completely sealed with

PUR or acrylic lacquers and are therefore largely resistant to moisture penetration.

Several colour shades are available.

Front thickness 19 mm – 22 mm.


10) Colour lacquered fronts with one-sided relief imprint and satin finished surface

Base material: HDF triple-layered fine particle board with one-sided relief imprint. All surfaces are sealed with PUR- or acrylic resin lacquers all round. They are therefore largely resistant to all liquids. Several colour shades are available to choice.

Front panel thickness 19 mm.


11) High gloss lacquered fronts

Base material: MDF base panels.

High-grade gloss lacquering with multiple lacquer build-up, produced in special pressurized chambers.

All surfaces are completely sealed with PUR lacquer and are therefore largely resistant to moisture

penetration. Brilliant lacquer surface which is nevertheless insensitive to handling and easy to maintain.

The reverse side of the panel is lacquered velvety matt.

Front panel thickness 19 mm – 22 mm.


12) Acrylic Fronts

Base material: MDF-panels with high gloss acrylic coating on the front. Reverse side colour matching, mat textured. Rounded plastic thick edges all round, matching the front colour. The edges in front colour are laser applied. The resulting visual nil-joints set standards in quality and design. Each kitchen is delivered with a care and maintenance set. Front thickness 19 mm.


13) Glass Fronts

Glass front fashioned in high quality glass-frame combination. High gloss front of hardened and

tempered white glass (ESG). Reverse side foil covered support frame. All round solid metal edges

MS 405 stainless steel coloured are overlapping the glass edge. The smooth transition between glass

and metal edge is a classic design feature. On the reverse side the glass is lacquered opaque.

Front thickness: 21 mm


14) Fronten grifflos

Various handle-less programmes are available.

See price and type list AVANCE and CONTINO.


P R O D U K T – I N F O Interior fitments:


15) Interior fitments:

Solid chromium plated wire fitments and wire baskets.

Extensive range of waste separation systems.

For additional fittings see price and type list.


P R O D U C T – I N F O  Fittings:


16.1) Hinges:

Self-closing and concealed, all metal hinges with integrated cushioning. The cushioning system is

positioned invisibly and uniformly in the hinge arm for all hinge types. The door is smoothly slowed down. The cushioning strength can be individually set in three steps without any tools.

Optimal front joint adjustments in all three dimensions are made possible through a smooth, self-locking worm drive. The clip-on mechanism without tools ensures a simple door installation.

Opening angle 110° (160° on request and at extra charge).

The lifetime meets all requirements issued by the quality organization DGM with

respect to a minimum of 80.000 load cycles (opening and closing).


16.2) Suspension fittings for wall units:

Stable, three-dimensional and adjustable metal suspension fitting. The fitting is not visible within the wall unit (just 2 cover caps). Load capacity per pair of suspension fittings 100 kg. Wall mounting is effected by means of continuous steel profiles (for length of wall unit), wall plugs and the special screws supplied.


16.3) Guides:

for drawers and pull-outs (see item 5).


16.4) Special fittings:

For corner units (TEV 80/90) with automatically closing carousel, tall unit pull-outs, bread cupboard,

extendable tables, wall unit swivel shelves, corner unit pull-outs, fold- and lift-up cupboards, niche

cupboards, storage cupboards, roller shutter cupboards etc.


P R O D U C T – I N F O – Worktops:


17.1) Worktops with laminate surface

Multi layered chipboard V 20 E 1 in accordance with DIN 68761.

Surfaces and edges covered with decorative, heat-resistant laminated sheet in accordance with EN 438.Heat resistance of textured surfaces over short periods up to 180 degrees.

The surfaces are impervious to all common household acids and caustic solutions.

The underside is sealed against moisture penetration.

The rear edge is also protected against moisture.

Corner connections are made with tongue and groove and special connecting bolts.


Depths: 60, 70, 90 and extra depths up to 120 cm are possible with round edging.

Thickness: 1.7 cm, 4 cm and 6 cm.

A selection of worktop designs, surface and edge styles are available.


17.2) Granite worktops

Granite is a natural product characterized by extreme hardness and durability. The material is absolutely heat-resistant and extremely acid-resistant. Depending on the type of granite, it is a more or less open pore natural product, which prevents the surface being sealed completely by impregnation. Fats and fruit juices (acidic) can cause spots if left on the surface for long periods and should be removed immediately. All visible outer edges are softened and polished.


Depths: 60, 70, 90 and 120 cm.

Thickness: 3 cm = solid material

4 cm = 2 cm thick granite top with 2 cm thick and 7 cm wide underlining.

6 cm = 2 cm thick granite top with 4 cm high granite box blender (2 cm thick)

Several types of granite are available for selection.


P R O D U C T – I N F O


17.3) Solid wood worktops

Selected solid wood specially processed.

Optimal combination of individual woods and most effective drying with 8% wood moisture content.

Excellent connection of the individual pieces in longitudinal and transverse direction by means of dovetail

connections. Formaldehyde and phenol-free adhesives are used.

Slat width approx. 6 – 8 cm. Front edge rounded.

Surface treatment in the factory with special biological oil.


Depths: 60, 70, 90 and 120 cm.

Thickness: 4 cm and 6 cm.

Types of wood: maple, beech, oak, walnut and country fire cherry.


17.4) Quartz material worktops

Quartz material surfaces are produced in a special process. The base materials of quartz granules

approx. 93 %, colour pigments and resins are mixed and pressed in a vacuum and vibration process

under high pressure (approx. 100 tons). The curing process then follows in special ovens with a

temperature of 88 degrees C. The final finishing procedure includes calibrating and surface treatment

during which the tops are smoothed and polished.

Surfaces are resistant to all common household acids and detergents.


Depths: 60 and 70, 90 and 130 cm.

Thickness: 1,2 cm = 1,2 cm thick quartz material

2 cm = 2 cm thick quartz material

4 cm = 2 cm thick quartz material with 2 cm flush lining.

4 cm = 2 cm thick quartz material with 2 cm thick lining,

edge mitred.

6 cm = 2 cm thick quartz material with 4 cm thick lining,

edge mitred.

Several colours are available to choice.


17.5) Glass worktops

Glass worktops in the overall thicknesses of 31 and 40 mm. The top consists of a base panel, laminate

covered on both sides with various edge covers.

The glass cover is 12 mm thick and treated both sides. The top surface is “satin finish”, the reverse side is individually coated with RAL colours from the colour range “Classic”. The colour is baked on, at the same time changing the glass itself into safety glass. Safety glass is resistant against all usual kitchen temperatures (approx. 220 degrees C) and largely impact resistant.


Depths: 60 and 70, 90 and 120 cm.

Thickness: 1.3 cm = 1.2 cm thick glass cover with HPL protective layer on the underside

3 cm = 1,2 cm thick glass cover with 1,9 cm thick support top.

4 cm = 1,2 cm thick glass covers with 2,8 cm thick support top.

All RAL-Classic-colours are available to choice.


17.6) Ceramic Worktops

Ceramic worktops have a high resistance to mechanical demands and are also extremely scratch

resistant. Ceramic is absolutely insensitive to humidity. It also has a high chemical resistance and is

particularly hygienic and safe. 1 cm basic raw material panels with glass fibre reinforcement on the

underside are used.


Visible edges are mitred and chamfered.

Depth: 60 and 70, 90 and 120 cm

Thickness: 1 cm ceramic with glass fibre reinforcement.

4 cm ceramic with glass fibre reinforcement and sub-structure.

6 cm ceramic with glass fibre reinforcement and sub-structure.

Several colours are available.


P R O D U K T – I N F O – worktops


17.7) Solid surface worktops

Solid surface worktops are made of acrylic based natural materials and pigments. The material is food safe, resistant to most chemicals, has a high UV resistance and is highly colourfast. The material

properties and seamless bonding of the worktop connections ensure a high degree of ease of care.


Depths: 60 and 70, 90 and 130 cm

Thickness: 1.2 cm = 1.2 cm thick solid surface top

4 cm = 2 cm thick solid surface top with 2 cm thick lining, edge is mitred.

6 cm = 2 cm thick solid surface top with 4 cm thick lining, edge is mitred.


17.8) Compact material worktops

Compact material worktops are made of solid laminate with décor facing. The material is fully moisture resistant. The physical properties of the material allow for slim material thicknesses to be used which, together with the dark core of the top, create a contemporary design. Visible edges are lightly bevelled.

Depths: 60 and 70, 90, 120 and 130 cm

Thickness: 1 cm


P R O D U C T – I N F O Contour blenders for worktops


18.1) Wall connecting strips for laminate worktops.

All contour blenders are fitted with flexible rubber-type soft sealing lips towards wall and worktop and

therefore ensure a watertight seal. For ease of fitting, we supply interior and exterior corner pieces,

135 degree corner pieces and end caps.


Height: 3 cm, fixed lengths: 200 and 400 cm.

Colours and designs adapted to match the worktop covering.


18.2) Wall contour blenders in stainless steel coloured aluminium for worktops

The wall contour blender has a flexible rubber-type sealing lip towards wall and front and therefore

ensures a tight finish. Interior and exterior corners are available for ease of installation.

Height: 3cm, thickness 2.2 cm, fixed lengths: 125, 250, 375 and 500 cm


18.3) Granite wall contour blenders

Original material in all listed granite types. Outer surface polished, long edge and 2 side sections,

each bevelled and polished. Corner solutions are butt jointed (without mitre).

Height: 5 cm, thickness: 2 cm, max. length: 140 cm.

Fixing with special “Natural stone silicon”.


18.4) Sold wood wall contour blender

Profiled solid wood strips with oiled surface. Corner connections mitred. Ends fitted with special end caps.

Height: 3,5 cm, thickness: 2,5 cm, max. length: 400 cm.

Fixing by means of double-sided adhesive strip and silicone.


18.5) Wall contour blenders in quartz material

The original material in all listed colours. Surface polished on one side, 1 longitude edge softened and polished. Corner solutions are butted (not mitred).

Height 5 – 10 cm, thickness: 2 cm, length max. 290 cm.


18.6) Ceramic wall contour blenders

Original material in all listed colours. Surface polished on one face with1 long edge bevelled.

Corner solutions are butt jointed (without mitre).

Height 5 – 10 cm, thickness: 1 cm, length: max. 200 cm


18.7) Solid surface wall contour blenders

Original material in all listed colours. Surface polished on one side. One long edge chamfered.

Corner solutions are butted (no mitre).

Height: 4 cm, thickness: 1.2 cm, length max.: 350 cm


P R O D U K T – I N F O – Worktop


19) Worktop accessories

Flush-mounted sinks can be inserted in laminate worktops only.

Extension tables, support legs, bar tops, panelling, etc.


20) Shelves units, shelves and special cupboards

Floor-, wall- and tall unit shelves, angled end shelves, niche shelves, console shelves, functional

shelves, built-under shelves, diagonal cupboards for base, wall and tall units and various segments etc. Are available in several widths and heights. Shelves are generally flush with the front.

All shelves are fitted with an invisible, three dimensionally adjustable suspension fitting.


21) Design elements

Additional LEICHT proprietary design elements such as curved cupboards, glass sliding door cupboards, Ambience cupboards, Concept 40, Panel 40, Sliding doors, suspended floor units etc. are available for selection.


22) Accessories and Fittings

The price and type list has a rich variety of light blenders, lighting systems, cornice, fillers, ceiling panels,

Wall and side panels, built-in and built-under accessories, table extensions, etc.