5000 RAL Colours

Over 5000 RAL colours and NCS colour palettes are available for the kitchen cabinets allowing the planner the choice of a world full of every colour imaginable for their kitchens. This wide colour range means that there are all varieties of colour combinations from tone-on-tone, light to dark or in strong contrasting colours.
RAL is a colour matching system used widely around Europe, which refers to the RAL Classic system, mainly used for finishing and powder coating. Since correct “colour-communication” is of extreme importance to achieve correct matching of colours, original RAL products are provided with a hologram.


Most LEICHT kitchens can have a variety of finishes depending on the style and design of the kitchen. The most common and available ones are:

– Matt Lacquer
– Silk Lacquer
– High Gloss Lacquer
– Wood Veneer